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Ali Educational and Welfare Foundation for the welfare of child in field of education

Civilization can be defined as an advanced state of a society possessing historical and cultural unity. To achieve this state from individual to collective knowledge is a pre-requisite. And knowledge is deeply entwined with education. All the great civilization past and present-did not get to the peak of their development by any other means than education and knowledge.In Pakistan the most essential requirement of the society, namely, education has been made a privilege rather than a necessity-only for the people with ample means. The people who may be termed as white collar ones and living below the poverty line do not possess the means to provide education to their children which has become a luxury here. Thus, education has become an economical matter. Keeping in view the sad state of affairs in the education sector in Pakistan, some dedicated people got together and decided to establish an educational Institution to address the difficulties of underprivileged people in the field of education. This way, Ali Educational and Welfare Foundation began its endeavours in the field of Eduacation by establishing a school on 1st December, 2003, mainly focusing on children from low income groups.


Posted By aliwelfare
Dated : 21/10/2017, 01:12 AM

Price RS:    Donate for the kids education

Posted by aliwelfare

Pakistan , Lahore
Phone    03214107352

Gulberg Lahore Pakistan

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