Botanic Garden Pet Cockatoos Parrot Birds

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Botanic Garden Pet Cockatoos Parrot Birds

Back at the Botanic Garden Aviary, we take pride to transport our Cockatoos ordered with tons of toys & Huge cage, free feed, papers and delivery at times especially those requesting for pair cockatoos. All our cockatoos are Perfect health and feathers, Fully Tame and very friendly with kids. Our cockatoo’s babies can be ship within the UAE and other countries. Below is a list of available cockatoos species ready for delivery: Umbrella Cockatoos Rose Breasted Cockatoos Mitchell Cockatoos Black Palm cockatoo Galah Cockatoo Moulucan cockatoo Goffin cockatoo Sulpher crested cockatoo Ducorpe cockatoos Please contact me by. Skype ID: aviculturist.abbo Whatsapp + .

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Dated : 23/11/2016, 00:00 AM

Price RS:    1000

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