Hyacinth Macaw Young Pair Parrot on sale

Hyacinth Macaw Young Pair Parrot on sale on Go Samaan Go

Hyacinth Macaw Young Pair Parrot on sale

we take great pride in our breeding program, preserving the endangered Hyacinth Macaw. We have baby sexed male / female Macaw Hyacinths and at times we sell young, adult, proven breeding pairs. All of our babies are hand fed, friendly, loving and gentle. Our Macaws are hand raised by our family from day one. We are serious Breeders, and we take the utmost care of our breeding pairs and chicks. All of our parrots are healthy, happy, well adjusted and fully feathered. Contact: visits our . http://botanicalgardenparrotsaviary.webgarden.com/ Whatsapp + .

Posted By botanicgarden
Dated : 24/06/2018, 01:47 AM

Price RS:    2000

Posted by botanicgarden

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