Vaccinated and Trained Pet Parrots

Vaccinated and Trained Pet Parrots on Go Samaan Go

Vaccinated and Trained Pet Parrots

At Botanic Garden Aviary we breed and sell exotic birds of the following species. They are all vet checked and with the EDTA papers and the Quality baby parrots available, well trained and fully grown feathers; African congo greys Blue and Gold macaws Green wing macaws Scarlet macaws Catalina macaws Hyacinth macaws Blue fronted Amazons Yellow Nape Amazons Double yellow headed Amazons Electus Moluccan Cockatoos Umbrella cockatoos Rose breasted cockatoos Willing to sell any mixed order contact for more info. Get details from our website and send in your contacts for details as well as your purchase orders. We will update you with details pictures and papers. Skype ID: aviculturist.abbo Whatsapp + .

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Price RS:    1000

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