Abdul star edhi national hero

Abdul star edhi national hero

" Abdul star edhi national hero

ABDUL Sattar Edhi

Edhi  is recognised by Pakistanis for his unwavering dedication and humble action to assist anyone in need.

He is known as the ‘angel of mercy’. With the driving force of Mr Edhi’s vision and dedication, his work has blossomed and grown internationally, giving aid to the needy regardless of race, creed or status.


He has won about 17 international awards, including the Peace Award in London and a Guinness world record for largest voluntary ambulance organisation of the world. It is painful news that both of his kidneys have failed and the doctors at SIUT are searching for the donors. The doctors said there are minimal chances of a successful transplant because of his frail health.

It was so harrowing yet shocking to see there are just a few people who know about Mr Edhi’s condition. He served needy people from all around the globe and nobody bats an eye on the actual national hero now.


Dated : 01/01/1970, 00:00 AM

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