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Google Adwords Training

Google Adwords Training on Go Samaan Go

Google Adwords Training

Google Adwords Training Outline/Agenda Overview of Search Engine Marketing Understanding Search Engine Marketing (SEM) Snapshot of SEM Industry Advantages of SEM over Other Marketing Methods Introduction to SEM Terminologies Definitions and Significance of Important Parameters Organic vs. Paid Traffic Differentiate Your Services Target and Segment Your Audiences Understand Your Customers Pain Points Introduction to Google AdWords Getting Started with Google AdWords Step : Signing Up for Google AdWords Step : Set Time Zone and Currency Step : Verify Your account Step : Activating Your Account Navigating through Google AdWords User Interface Elements Home Tab Campaigns Tab Opportunities Tab Reporting Tab Billing Tab My Account Tab Understanding Google AdWords Account Structure AdWords Account Campaign Level AdGroups Level Access Management Working with Keywords Building Keyword Strategy Keyword Discovery and Keyword Research Keyword Discovery Keyword Research Leveraging the Google Keywords Tool Demo for the Google Keyword Tool Focusing and Targeting Keywords Broad Match Phrase Match Exact Match Setting up Negative Keywords Writing Ads in Google AdWords Writing Effective Ads in Google AdWords Call to Action Value Proposition Review of Google’s Guidelines Understanding Google’s Text-Ad Structure Creating and Managing Your Ad Campaigns Creating Ad Campaigns Creating AdGroups Managing Campaign Settings How to Edit, Pause, Delete, or Resume a Campaign AdWords Reporting and Account Performance Reports Generating Re.

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Posted by seokhipakistan

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