How to start online Business

How to start online Business

How to start online Business

Start Online Busines

it is very easy and common now a days to start any business onlinne it is very simple .

there are few major things you have to do your onlinne proesence will be done

to be present on the internet you need to have a website.

  1. for website first thing is your domina name domain name is the name you want for your business 
  2. after domain you need the other thing is hosting there are lot of companies provede web hosting services you can choose any one suit you 
  3. after having the both domain and hosting you need to configure your online business this is very important to start your brand ideally is the best thing start your business in the area you like is of your intrest will suit you 
  4. there are lot of ways in you can start your business online few of them i am going to list down 
    1. create an online store for the things you can easily access or have you ju

      Some major sources of online earining 

      1. Google Adsense

      You Can make money with Website and YouTube through google adsense.If you have youtube channel with few subscribers then you can go start monetising your video and make money through google adsense.

      2.Affiliate Marketing

      Affiliate marketing is the best way to make money online.There are many big companies provide affiliate profram

      1- Amazon

      2- Flipkart

      Affiliate marketing is about promoting product of affiliate website. and if any one buy from your affiliate link then you get commission.


      Fiverr is the best way to work that you love and make money from it. If you have any type of skill then  go to fiverr create and account then create your gig.and make money from it.

      4.You Tube

      If you love shooting or you have any skill then just record this.( record in high quality ) and then just upload on youtube. if people loves your videos then you can make big amount of money from it.

      5. Website

      If you love writing or you have some skill then create an is the best way to make money online.when your website get more traffic then just apply for google adsense and make money with it.

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