Om Puri Actor Died or Killed

Om Puri Actor Died or Killed

Om Puri Actor Died or Killed

Behind the Scene Story of the late Actor OM Puri Death .?

Death. On 6 January 2017, Puri died at the age of 66, after having a heart attack at his residence in was reported but there are some secrets behind the scene.


As he supported Muslims and he once commented openly in some news about the death of an army agent of india due to that  the Governemnt and most of the indian become against him and after all they came to a position  to plan a murder to whom they tried to prooof as a natural death but as reported by the initial post martam the late actor death was not a natural death 

Om, who was one of the few actors who took a stance against the ‘ban’ on Pakistani actors acting in Indian movies was viciously trolled and abused on national television. This seemed reason enough for Amir to claim that Om’s ‘pro-Pakistan’ status allegedly got PM Modi angry

the actor was forced to drink and when he was out of his senses, he was smothered to death by a pillow. The killer, apparently was an agent of Ajit Doval. 

This is not a just supposition these are facts which are being hide by the Indian Government 

Some other muslim actors are also in danger in India Like Salman Khan 


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